Masonic Meditations

The below share is from a Brother named, Justin Grass. He is posting in the local Masonic Facebook Page Northwest Masonic snippets from a book named, “365 Level Steps: Masonic Meditations for Every Day of the Year” These daily postings from Brother Grass are very powerful if you allow them to be so in your…… Continue reading Masonic Meditations

Winter Solstice

Borrowed from Masonic Museum Latvia . Their post this morning is the best I have read this year. December 21st is the winter solstice. That is, today is the real New Year, when we can make wishes that will surely come true. Let’s remember the traditions of this day – where does the myth of…… Continue reading Winter Solstice

Anti Masonry

At my local Masonic Lodge yesterday we had a double Master Mason Degree. One of our new Master Mason’s brought up a topic that I enjoy to research, “Anti – Masonry”. This topic has always been very interesting to me from day 1. The topic of discussion was how he couldn’t understand why people have…… Continue reading Anti Masonry

Religion in Freemasonry

WB / Bishop Scott Rassbach is well versed with Christianity and Gnostic studies. The question of topic of this email is as follows: “Is Structured Religion important to Freemasonry?” If yes how? If no how?