Religion in Freemasonry

WB / Bishop Scott Rassbach is well versed with Christianity and Gnostic studies.

The question of topic of this email is as follows:

“Is Structured Religion important to Freemasonry?”

If yes how?

If no how?


  1. The question needs some fleshing out.

    What do you mean by ‘structured religion’? Is it a religion with a hierarchy? Is it a set of principles that are agreed upon by adherents? Is it a community with like beliefs? There’s a lot to unpack in just that phrase.

    However, as a first stab at the question: Religion is important to Freemasonry, as Freemasonry is religion’s hand maid. Both Religion and Freemasonry bind a community together, and in earlier times community, religion, and Freemasonry overlapped to a much greater degree than in past times.

    ‘Structured’, in the sense of some sort of organized religion with written precepts and clergy, is also important. Within Freemasonry we find references to the Temple of Solomon, which is an effort of organized religion to worship Deity as a community, with a hierarchy of government, clergy, and adherents.


  2. I should have written, Main Stream Religion or maybe organized religion. What is the traditional walk into brick building church. Catholic, Protestant and Community.

    Do the Brothers who practice outside mainstream Religion / organized religion such as the pagan faiths loose anything in Freemasonry?

    I refer you to the earlier post on the blog on Brothers who follow the pagan faith.

    Good stuff WB Scott. Keep it coming….. Teach me.


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