Anderson’s Constitutions #2 “New Video”

New video has been shared by UGLE. Tercentenary Anderson’s Constitutions New video UGLE 2023 marks the tercentenary of the publication in London of The Constitutions of the Freemasons – the ‘1723 Constitutions’ – whose Enlightenment principles provide the philosophical foundations of modern Freemasonry. Many Masonic histories have been concerned with ‘when’ and ‘what’. Here we also examine ‘why’ – the context –…… Continue reading Anderson’s Constitutions #2 “New Video”

E.S.G. First Meeting

Brothers the first meeting of the Esoteric Study Group E.S.G. will be on Saturday at 600pm. Location: Union No. 3 Masonic Lodge in McMinnville Oregon. 235 Northeast 3rd Street, McMinnville, Oregon 97128 The elevator can be accessed by parking on 4th street behind the lodge building. If for some reason the elevator is not working…… Continue reading E.S.G. First Meeting

Masonic Meditations

The below share is from a Brother named, Justin Grass. He is posting in the local Masonic Facebook Page Northwest Masonic snippets from a book named, “365 Level Steps: Masonic Meditations for Every Day of the Year” These daily postings from Brother Grass are very powerful if you allow them to be so in your…… Continue reading Masonic Meditations

Books – Esoteric

A newly surfaced series of books from the late 19th century have come to light. Good stuff. What this gives to the esoteric minded Brothers is that not all Rituals are the same. Jurisdictions through out the world follow different paths towards the same light as all Freemason’s strive to find. Source Location: An English…… Continue reading Books – Esoteric

Winter Solstice

Borrowed from Masonic Museum Latvia . Their post this morning is the best I have read this year. December 21st is the winter solstice. That is, today is the real New Year, when we can make wishes that will surely come true. Let’s remember the traditions of this day – where does the myth of…… Continue reading Winter Solstice

Masonic Light – Is there one right way?

Freemasons are involved differently within the lodge experience. There are some Brothers that are deeply focused on the Ritual and then some Brothers are deeply dedicated to the social aspect of the lodge experience. Some Brothers believe that the Freemasons of today should immerse themselves into the deep esoteric lessons of allegory and symbolism taught…… Continue reading Masonic Light – Is there one right way?

The Lost Art of Esoteric Discussion

By definition esoteric is knowledge known and/or studied by a few. (see below). With the E.S.G striving for the discussion of esoteric topics we fall in line with the definition. The art of peaceful discussion within the Ancient Craft is what made the Craft stand out during the Age of We have lost the…… Continue reading The Lost Art of Esoteric Discussion

E. S. G. – OTO / Paganism within Freemasonry

There are members of Oregon Freemasonry that are also members of OTO Ordo Templi Orientis and Brothers who follow their faith as Pagan’s such as Wicca, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and others. In our Ritual it is clearly stated and asked if the candidate for the Ancient Mysteries of Freemasonry believes in god.…… Continue reading E. S. G. – OTO / Paganism within Freemasonry