Masonic Light – Is there one right way?

Freemasons are involved differently within the lodge experience.

There are some Brothers that are deeply focused on the Ritual and then some Brothers are deeply dedicated to the social aspect of the lodge experience.

Some Brothers believe that the Freemasons of today should immerse themselves into the deep esoteric lessons of allegory and symbolism taught within the Ritual and other sources outside of mainstream Freemasonry.

There are Brothers who look at lodge as their spiritual experience that guides them on their daily path.

There are Freemasons that strive to be all of the above.


What should be the perfect experience within lodge and how do we get to that level?

Is the experience purely a personal experience?


  1. IMHO, the ‘perfect’ lodge experience is the one which you participate in. Every brother is going to prefer a different aspect: some the business, some the charitable work and fundraising, some the education, some the performance of ritual, some the fellowship.

    None the less, the only way to access the parts you prefer, is to participate in the whole of the lodge meetings: the opening/closing, the charity and fundraising, the business meeting, the dinner/fellowship before and after, and most importantly the initiation rituals which allow the rest of it to continue.

    The perfect experience is the one in which the Freemason participates.

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