Anderson’s Constitutions #2 “New Video”

New video has been shared by UGLE. Tercentenary Anderson’s Constitutions New video UGLE 2023 marks the tercentenary of the publication in London of The Constitutions of the Freemasons – the ‘1723 Constitutions’ – whose Enlightenment principles provide the philosophical foundations of modern Freemasonry. Many Masonic histories have been concerned with ‘when’ and ‘what’. Here we also examine ‘why’ – the context –…… Continue reading Anderson’s Constitutions #2 “New Video”


My personal favorite Masonic Blog, Emeth has posted a topic concerning Thought. Specifically ‘Thought as a Force’. I believe that this must be read far and wide by all Freemasons. There is a deep philosophical problem within current Freemasonry. Possibly the original path designed by our Ancients has been lost. The Power of Thought by…… Continue reading Thought

Sharing the Light Newsletter Jan-Spring 2023

The newest edition of the Sharing the Light Newsletter Jan-Spring 2023 is now available. Sharing the Light Newsletter Jan-Spring 2023 Past Issues of S.T.L.

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E.S.G. First Meeting

Brothers the first meeting of the Esoteric Study Group E.S.G. will be on Saturday at 600pm. Location: Union No. 3 Masonic Lodge in McMinnville Oregon. 235 Northeast 3rd Street, McMinnville, Oregon 97128 The elevator can be accessed by parking on 4th street behind the lodge building. If for some reason the elevator is not working…… Continue reading E.S.G. First Meeting