E.S.G – Email Introduction

Brothers I have been battling my blog ignorance and finally have figured out how to create a blog on my personal website.  The previous blogger blog I created was junk.  If anyone visited I apologize for your wasted time.

The new Blog address is below:

The Blog address is https://wp.me/PcTeDZ-Di

The blog will only be seen by subscribers I have added.  These subscribers will only be Brothers and only be the Brothers who have asked to be a part of E∴S∴G either at the meeting level or blog / discussion level or both.

No one will be able to see this blog without the address above.

When new posts to the blog are added or comments are added then a notice from 3.5.7. will show on your email inbox.

I have added you to the blog and you should receive posts which will show from (3.5.7.) that is me and from my personal personal website blog for E∴S∴G.

If you want to post a topic of discussion, picture or link just send it to me and I will add it to the blog.  There is a way to allow anyone to post to my blog but I would have to add the person as an administrator to my whole website.  I am not comfortable with that.

Let me know what you think.  

Johnny J. Edwards

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