Anti Masonry

At my local Masonic Lodge yesterday we had a double Master Mason Degree. One of our new Master Mason’s brought up a topic that I enjoy to research, “Anti – Masonry”.

This topic has always been very interesting to me from day 1.

The topic of discussion was how he couldn’t understand why people have such anger and distrust towards the Ancient Craft.

The documentation of Anti Masonic groups and thought goes back way before the Grand Lodge of England’s early lodges.

My favorite groups are of course Gormogons & The Scald Miserables

I have researched these two groups to the point that I can’t find anymore on them. Every once in awhile an article or early source surfaces.

The Catholic Church has disliked us since creation of the Ancient Craft. I will let the Vatican explain themselves on this.

There are many other reasons that our early Brothers caused because of their muddied understanding of the obligations, such as the Morgan Affair. The early Mormon Church’s use of the Ritual and traditions of the Ancient Craft within their lessons within their church didn’t help the Craft in America.

It is 3.5.7’s belief that all Anti Masonry falls into the ignorance umbrella. If you don’t understand something it must be evil, or one should not study or follow.

The top of the list things that caused Anti Masonry to strengthen its grip on Freemasonry are below:

  1. 1799 – The Unlawful Societies Act of 1799
  2. 1738 – Papal Condemnations of the Lodge
  3. 1832 – Anti – Masonic Party
  4. 1890’s – Taxil Hoax & Abel Clarin de la Rive –Source 1Source 2 VideoSource 3
  5. Conspiracy Theories
    • Political
      • World Control such as Knights Templar, Illuminati, Masonic Freedom of Thought and Expression
      • Countries that are ruled by Fascism or by a Dictator will not tolerate any organization that believes in Freedom of thought and expression. This has clouded Freemasonry over the years.
      • Unfortunate early 20th Century involvement in KKK
      • Propaganda Due – P2
    • Religious
      • Catholic
      • Protestant Church – There is so much to read on this via the internet and you tube. The quoting of Taxil and claiming to know of sources of evil ties always goes without any facts.
      • Mormon – The obvious use in Mormonism teachings of Masonic Ritual and Dress goes without saying. For the reader who does not know about the inclusion can be easily searched by entering Mormon and Freemasonry in your search engine. The dislike of the Mormons in early 19th century crossed over into the Ancient Craft because of the influence of Freemasonry in their lessons.


  1. Lest we believe this is an artifact of the past:

    In Columbus, WI, where I was a member of Columbus Lodge #75, a mason got elected as mayor and two brothers got elected as city council members. A business concern learned of their fraternal connection, and as they opposed some of the business concern’s concerns, they changed the discussion from the land grab they were trying to do, to a Masonic Conspiracy to derail business in the town. This lead to resignations and other strange goings on, including the business concern’s members getting elected in special elections.

    So, there was a conspiracy. It wasn’t Masonic, but it was there.


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