Website that is my new passion

Museum of Freemasonry

I do not know if anyone has visited this website. It is a MASSIVE RABBIT HOLE so be careful. Massive amount of Ancient Craft history.

Yes. It does apply to us. This is where we as Master Mason’s and members of our local lodges began.

I would like to direct you to their Blog – Direct Link . The topics that caught my eye was :

~A JAB IN THE ARM. The Jab in the Arm post directly points in our direction in todays world of pandemics. I did not know how involved Brother Freemasons were in the establishment of inoculations and treatments of smallpox during the 18th century and other Brothers who were directly involved in the care of polio spread and treatment in the 20th century. We as Freemason’s had a front seat. I wonder how many Brothers are directly involved in todays Covid issue.

~SUMMONED TO MEET: This post is ancient in origin but it has ties to us in todays world of busy lives. “Back in the day” the word Summons was a more serious word that Brothers lived by through out their year. When a lodge met it was expected that the Brothers of the lodge attend. When a Brother received a summons from the lodge to appear at lodge or for a meeting or degree they came. If they couldn’t they would contact the Worshipful Master with a satisfactory reason for not being able to attend.

This post is a sister post to a previous post concerning why dues paying Brothers don’t attend.

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