Christmas as a Freemason

The pure beauty of the Ancient Craft is its lessons for all men of all walks of life. Christians and Muslims, Buddhist and Judaism.

Freemasonry is for all men who believe in a Supreme Being we as Freemasons know as God.

This lesson did not originally draw me to the Ancient Craft but once I began my personal journey on my path as a Man of the Craft I quickly realized that it was the intention of the ‘lessons’ to teach to all Freemasons world wide an open armed approach to all men and their faiths. It hasn’t always worked as intended but Jurisdictions today are far more open minded than the past.

As Freemasons lodge Protocol forbids the discussion of Religion within lodge. The inevitable knowledge of a Brothers faith creeps into conversation outside of the 4 walls of Freemasonry.

This specific part of the Ancient Craft for me ranks very high on my list of ‘what part of Freemasonry is important to me’. That all religions of the world that believe in a Universal Supreme Being has a home with the Ancient Craft.

While working on a very long project for my Grand Lodge of Oregon’s Digital Archives I came across a letter(1) where a Master Mason wrote, “my religion is Freemasonry”. This has stuck with me all these many months. I think about this Brothers words and think about what his intended meaning was and how his written words conflict with todays mainstream Freemasonry approach to the Ancient Craft.

Grand Lodges state clearly that Freemasonry is not a religion. However for this Brother previously mentioned it clearly was his Religion.

I am at odds with my lessons given to me within the Craft and this Brothers deeply spiritual words he shared with pen and paper so many years ago, “Freemasonry is My Religion”. Not at odds because I do not agree with him. I do. At odds because of how Freemasonry is explained to the non Mason, “Freemasonry is ‘not’ a Religion?”.

Christmas is a recognized time of year for Christians but Christmas is also for all Freemasons. Just as all other recognized holidays and times of year for all the faiths of our world.

Merry Christmas to all of my Brothers of all faiths.

May the Peace of Humanity be with you.

(1) Religion Masonry Is My. D2-Page 699

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