A New Year

We are looking at a new year very soon in the USA.

I decided to think long and hard for awhile in quiet contemplation and wait for what ever comes to my mind first and then post my thoughts.

What surfaced was something that I have spent much time thinking about on a personal level and lodge level.

More people and lodges are going all digital. Relying on a belief structure that we will always have our digital records available.

I am not an ‘end of the world’ person but i do know enough to understand how lodges every year get destroyed by natural disasters and some lodges loose access to technology for prolonged periods of time.

If your membership records are on the computer how can you as a lodge look into the well being of widows and members of your lodge during a time of need?

We have a new Brother who asked if we as a lodge have an emergency preparedness plan? I had to just look at him and say, “uh.. No we don’t”.

Is your lodge prepared to meet and do Masonic Work with the loss of power and technology?

Does your lodge have candles and matches? How could you meet on the level without light?

Something to think about.

Peace Be With You.

Categorized as 3.5.7

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