E.S.G. – 1st Meeting

The first meeting of the District No. 2 Esoteric Study Group was a success with 5 esoteric minded Brothers in attendance.

Topics of the night went from good and bad meetings And why they occur and why Lodges allow them to occur.

Symbolic this and that of the lodge room proper. A fascinating discussion of different jurisdictions use of the L L. Specifically on the different placement of the L L around the altar depending on what degree the lodge is on.

A question was asked from a younger member where a listing of upcoming events, dinners and celebrations are located. This allowed a needed addition to our lodges website. A new Event page has been added and will be kept updated over the year as events are announced.

The next meeting of E.S.G. will be:

May 6, 2023 @ 11am

Union No. 3 McMinnville Or.

Lodge Education  – Flyer

Lodge Symbols

Masons Only

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