Masonic Funerals – Tradition is fading

While doing my daily indexing of the Digital Archvies of my Grand Jurisdiction I came across many letters from ca. 1919 concerning Masonic Funerals.

These letters caused me to think about how rare it is to see a Masonic Funeral in today’s Masonic World.

Of course I can only speak for Oregon which is where I live. However in my 20+ years as a Freemason I have gone to my share of Masonic Funerals and I can say that they are almost non existent these days.


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  1. There will be a Masonic Funeral for Bro. Joe Wolf (of Esoterika 227). Where: Milwaukie Lodge (10636 SE Main St, Portland, OR 97222); When: 2:30 on Sunday, January 22nd.


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