Welcome to E∴S∴G


Over the last many years I have tried to create a group that its sole purpose was to discuss Esoteric Topics. 

My goal is to have a safe place to discuss topics that might be negative, away from traditional protocol as Freemasons.

In lodge we sit in lodge observing proper Masonic Protocol as put forth in our Etiquette Manual. This is not what the Esoteric Study Group will be about.

We will discuss topics that are 100% a part of Freemasonry but most don’t talk about or are afraid to bring up in the normal Masonic setting.

This blog is for the use of E∴S∴G.

The blog will be used as an in – between quarterly meetings to share items that are brought up in the casual setting of the quarterly meetings. How the blog will be used as an example:

Someone wants to discuss religion in Freemasonry. The talking points are recorded in the meeting and placed within a post of the blog with links to address these specific points of interest.

This is the plan as it is now. E∴S∴G can evolve into what it desires to in the future I am only attempting to have a place for us esoteric minded Brothers to meet.

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