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Not a place for negative, just a place for what makes me happy 🙂

There is allot to me so it is hard to pin it all down. Basically I love my family, history and Mother Earth. All the aspects of the previously mentioned is what makes me happy and a good person. When I stray from what makes me happy I become grumpy and hard to get along with.

Below is what is rattling inside my head every day and writing it down makes me feel better.

  • Cemetery Caretaker
    • I am the caretaker for two Masonic Cemeteries in Yamhill County Oregon. I share the day to day goings’ ons’ of these cemeteries on the below Facebook page.
    • Both of these cemeteries take up much of my time during the nice weather seasons of Oregon. Mowing, trimming, vacationing gopher and ground squirrels etc. Every year I work at receiving Grants. I have been lucky so far with being awarded close to 10k. We will what the future holds.
    • Pauper Cemetery MAIN WEBSITE
      • Plot Map of Graves
      • The Pauper Cemetery which is also called the Pottersfield Cemetery or Poor Farm Cemetery is a small cemetery within the McMinnville Masonic Cemetery. This Pauper Cemetery which I prefer to call it has around 15 known graves. Some are partially marked but all are 100% unknown.
      • St. Barnabas Episcopal Church has adopted this little cemetery and cleans it every year.

  • Masonic Research at the Grand Lodge of Oregon
    • Since 2017 I have been honored to be the Chairman of the Library and Museum. I found out my true calling later in my life. I wish I pursued the occupation as an archivist and preservationist. Unfortunately I didn’t figure that out until my early 50’s. So I call myself an ‘amateur archivist and preservationist’. I get to touch history every day and decide how to preserve its history and archive it properly using proper techniques that I learn along the way.

  • Yamhill County Cyclopedia Page – YC-Pedia
    • My YC-Pedia page is for the histories that are not widely known within the county. I have always collected these sources from articles to interviews. Sometimes I copy documents or just annotate my notes on something interesting that I have never heard of. Many interesting tid – bits on this page.

  • Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries OCHC
    • In 2022 I began a new path. I submitted my resumé for a commissioner position with the Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries for the Willamette Valley District and was offered this volunteer position. This is a very exciting new journey and I am enjoying it greatly.
    • OCHC 357 PAGE

  • Note Taking (Always looking for a better way of note taking) IN WORK
    • Obsidian
    • OneNote

  • Archeology IN WORK
    • Biblical
      • Looking for Adam (Genetic Research)
      • Looking for Eve (Genetic Research)
    • Egyptian
    • North American

  • Lost / Erased / Unexplainable History IN WORK
    • Anything that the history books missed that surfaces in todays world amazes me. When finding an ancient item that changes history as historians and science knows it intrigues me.
      • Biblical
      • Egyptian
      • Middle Ages
      • Enlightenment Period
      • North American

  • Nature IN WORK

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