Y C – Pedia

  • Introduction
    • After much work with trying to add items to Wikipedia I have decided it was to time consuming for what I wanted to provide for the visitors of this site.
    • My goal is to provide a place where people can go to locate the free information out there on the internet and provide known sources for mostly unknown people, situations, and areas of Yamhill County that Wikipedia doesn’t share.
    • Everything that is shared on “Yamhill County Pedia” (Y C – Pedia) will be sourced. No opinion pieces. This page will be rich in sources and it will be left up to the researcher to validate the information.
    • The topics provided are selfishly the topics that I feel are most interesting and less discussed concerning early Yamhill County History. The parent Website of http://www.three-five-seven.com was originally created to share information and data concerning Freemasonry within Oregon and elsewhere around the world.
    • The ultimate goal of 3.5.7 is to share knowledge and Y C – Pedia is part of that main project.

Y C – Pedia

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