Family Tree

I have written four books on my family history. Three books concerning my Surname of Edwards and one of my Maternal side of the fence with the Surname of Edmonds. Each one was compiled and written by me with many years of added research that was shared with me by distant cousins who surfaced over the years.

My research on my Family History started when I came home from the military on leave to visit my Father Johnny L. Edwards who was recovering from heart surgery. He had his Mother and Fathers hand made wooden family photograph album. What got me hooked was when my father and I were sitting at the kitchen table looking at this old album that was falling apart from age. I pointed at a picture which was a grave stone marker for a J. P. Edwards. When I asked my Father who’s grave was this person my Father said, “John I have no idea”.

I was hooked. That was 1992.

I was 26 years old. I am now in my mid 50’s and I am still plugging away at my ancestry.

Johnny J. Edwards 2022



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