To Consolidate or Not To Consolidate, That is the Question?

There are Masonic Jurisdictions that have a large population that can satisfy the need of multiple Masonic Lodges in one town or county.

There are also many Masonic Jurisdictions that have very small communities throughout a county that are struggling to meet as required by Code and struggling to do Masonic Work.

The latter is the topic of this discussion.

If you are a lodge who…

  1. Struggles to muster a quarom
  2. Struggles with apathy
  3. Lodge building is falling apart because of lack of funds
  4. Financially struggling from year to year
  5. Never sees a Masonic Degree
  6. Doesn’t have community involvement

Than you are a Masonic Lodge who would benefit from a consolidation.

If a jurisdiction has several lodges in one district that fall into the above example then that one district is very week.

If there are several districts in a Masonic Jurisdiction that fall into the above example then it is an unfortunate situation. The jurisdiction as a whole is not doing their utmost to do Masonic Work.

When is it time to consolidate?

Only a lodge can make that decision as a whole.

But…. If a lodge isn’t doing Masonic Work it is time.

If 3 or more lodges consolidate into one new Masonic Lodge or consolidate into the stronger lodge in the district then the district will have a combined Masonic Lodge of energetic Brothers who were held back by the examples from above.

Think of the future of your jurisdiction.

The question is:

Is a weak lodge helping with the growth of Brothers?


  1. Aloha WBro. PM Johnny! Great question, & great ‘Sinking Ships’ benchmarks. While I entirely agree with your post, I feel as though ‘Considering Lodges’ may benefit from more ‘preemptive Daiquiri Diplomacy’. What I mean is, is it possible to catch a Lodge prior to it making to Phases 1-6 of your post? I believe this is possible, as there are many Lodges in Portland that are one or two steps away from your Phases 1-6. Tal vez (Spanish), before a Lodge finds itself in the Phases you proposed, metrics may materialize that suggest ‘preemptive Daiquiri Diplomacy’ certainly will assist with a more seamless/harmonious transition. This, of course, can help to avoid a hostile takeover. Alas, pie in the sky (rose-colored glasses)…Mahalo & A hui hou! (Hawaiian) -CBR

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    1. Excellent points…! I was not very clear on my theory of events. I of course meant after many years of stagnation, apathy, and zero movement of degrees such a decision should be made. If there is still Brothers to meet then there is still a lodge. No need to remove them from history. However and a but… there are lodges within the Oregon Jurisdiction that have zero money coming in and their lodge buildings are falling in on them “literally” then these lodges would benefit with consolidation before they have their lodges condemned or someone gets hurt. Keep you thoughts coming Brother. Good stuff coming in across the pacific. peace.


  2. Haha. Bro, I’m totally with you & I think I understood your original message. Allow me to explain/elaborate. Perhaps, prior to reaching the point of…”after many years of stagnation, apathy, and zero movement of degrees”…There can be a more inclusive/accurate metric that assists Lodges with: 1) Either ‘raising all ships’, OR, 2) A seamless transition (consolidating). #Ciao

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