Brothers who pay their dues but do not attend

Here is a topic that I would love to hear others opinions on. It has always bothered me. It is beyond my ability to understand.

“Why do Brothers continue to pay their dues every year and never attend lodge or degrees or lodge functions?”

This question obviously doesn’t include our senior members and out of state Brothers.


  1. Great topic. As for me, I have moved out of State. However, I’ve returned a few times over the past couple of years to continue to participate in Scottish Rite Reunions (& attend Blue Lodge, when possible). If I could return more often, to participate in additional Masonic events, I certainly would. Wait, are you suggesting a GoFundMe page (for me) to help fund my return trips to PDX? Much mahalos, Y’all!;p


  2. Brother it is wonderful you still visit even though you are out of state. If you can visit occasionally what is your thoughts for Brother who have the ability to attend but never do. They just pay their dues and get nothing in return. Do you think on some level they do get something out of the Craft by just paying dues?


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