Two Grand Lodges in South Carolina

Two Grand Lodges in South Carolina.

Source: Albert Mackey Encyclopedia Freemasonry 1916

South Carolina. Freemasonry was introduced at the South Carolina by organization of Solomon’s Lodge, in the City of Charleston, on October 28th, 1736, the warrant for which have been granted in the previous year by Lord Weymouth, Master of England. John Hamilton was, in 1736, appointed Provincial Grandmaster by the Earl of Loudoun. in 1738 a lodge was established in Charleston by the St John’s Grand Lodge in Boston; but it does not appear to have long existed. the provincial Lodge appears after some time to have suspended operations, for a second provincial Grand Lodge was established by the deputation of the Marquis of Carnarvon Chief Justice Leigh in 1754. In 1787 this body assumed independence, and became the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of South Carolina, Barnard Elliott being the first Grand Master. As early as 1783 the Athol or Ancient Masons invaded the jurisdiction of South Carolina, and in 1787, they’re being then five Lodges of the Ancients in the state, they held a convention, and on the 24th of March organized the Grand Lodge of ancient York Masons of South Carolina. between the Modern and the Ancient Grand Lodge there was always very hostile feeling until the year 1808 when a union was affected; which was, however, but temporary, for a disruption took place in the following year however the Union was permanently established in 1817, when the two grand lodges were merged into one under the name of the Grand Lodge of ancient Freemasons of South Carolina.

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