1. Found in Baptist Church Minutes John Edwards b.1772
  2. Was Orra Sams born to Nancy Edwards b.1777 and Littleberry Sams FOUND?
    • While doing a casual search I came across an entry that claims that their Orva Smith was the child to Nancy Edwards and Little Berry Sams? There is currently nothing that prove that this is accurate but its a maybe.
    • Background. Nancy Edwards b.1777 dropped off all historical record after the one and only entry of her existence. Line entry in the Edwards Bible. The only other indirect mention is her husbands unique first name of Littleberry of the Sams line purchased 160 acres of the original land of Abel and Polly Potts Edwards.
    • Family history states that they had a child by the name of Orra Sams.


  1. Abel Edwards and Polly Potts Edwards Death found! – Record View
    1. In February 2014 while working on my winter family history hobbies I did my normal few times a year search through to see if anything new had popped up in my fellow distant cousins research. BOOM!
    2. Cousin R. had a new addition to his family history of a Church Minutes entry for Indian Creek Baptist Church which was located in todays Erwin Tennessee area.
      1. Sister “Mary” Polly Potts Edwards Died August 19, 1827 aged 82
      2. Abel Edwards Died September 16, 1827 aged 85
    3. The death date and added age for both Abel and “Mary” Polly allowed birth dates to be discovered after so many years of internal debate with family history researchers over the years.
      1. Abel Edwards was born 1742
      2. “Mary” Polly Potts Edwards was born 1745


  1. Abel Edwards and Polly Potts original land has been FOUND!
    1. In 2012 I was contacted by our Cousin R. that he had located the land of Abel and Polly.
    2. Record View
    3. Map View
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