Legend of the Craft

Legends of the Craft Origin

History of Freemasonry Albert Mackie chapter 6 page pg.34

It will be observed that nowhere in this later legend is there any reference to Germany as a country in which masonry existed on the contrary the masonry of England is supposed to have been derived from France and do honor is paid to Charles Martel as the founder of the order in that kingdom.

Hence he may rationally conclude that the legend of the craft was modified by the influence of the French Masons who has history reforms us were brought over into England at an early.

In this respect authentic history and the legend coincide and the one corroborates the other.

Page 38 same source

In the contemplation of the legend of medieval Masons for this point of view it would be well if we should govern ourselves by the propelled thought of Max Molar who says in writing on the cognate subject that everything is true natural significant if we enter with a reverent spirit into the meaning of Ancient Art in ancient language. Everything becomes false miraculous and unmeaning if we interpret the deep and mighty words of the seers of old and the shallow and feeble sense of modern Chronicles.

Examined in the light of this sentiment which teaches us to look upon the language of the myth or legend as containing a deeper meaning than that which is expressed upon its face we shall find in the legend of the craft many points of historical reference and we’re not historical then symbolical which will divest it of much of what has been called it’s absurdities.

Source:  History of Freemasonry Albert Mackie chapter 6 page pg.34



The History Of Freemasonry

By Albert G. Mackey 33°



The History of Freemasonry – Volume 2 – Page 429books.google.com › books

Albert Gallatin Mackey

The Symbolism of Freemasonry, by Albert G. Mackey, M.D. 1898


The Symbolism of Freemasonry:
Illustrating and Explaining
Its Science and Philosophy, its Legends,
Myths and Symbols.
By Albert G. Mackey, M.D.,

Chapter 25


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