GLO – Topical Committees and Charities / Creation

Topical Committees and Charities / Creation

  1. GLO Library (Copies of all mention of Library in Digital Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Oregon
    1. It can be said that the building blocks for the acceptance of the need of a Masonic Library for the Territorial Grand Lodge of Oregon began with the mention of the need for “all” lodges within the Grand Lodge of Oregon Territory to have within their libraries the book, Universal Masonic Library written and compiled by Robert Morris. The GLO(T) believed so much in this publication that the GLO(T) informed all lodges that they would be reimbursed for the addition to their early libraries within their lodges. The very first mention in the Grand Lodge of Oregon’s Proceedings for the creation of a Grand Lodge Library occurred in the 1860 Proceedings: “Your Committee would also recommend this grand Lodge to make an appropriation that will be sufficient to procure for this Grand Lodge a full and complete Library, selected by a committee appointed for that purpose at this session.” Source”: GLO Proceedings
    2. MWB RMR Museum
  2. GLO Museum
    1. In the 1935 GLO Proceedings there is a mention of the need for a Museum to hold the historical items of the Grand Lodge of Oregon.-In 1968 a report was given concerning the historical items in the Archives of the Grand Lodge and the need for a Museum. “I have for a number of years, been concerned with the real and present need for more adequate library and museum facilities. Our museum consists of a small glass case which has on display a pitifully small collection of historical items of Masonic Interest. The large collection of items that should be displayed for the pleasure and education of the Craft is stored in the basement of the Grand Lodge office gathering an ever increasing coating of dust. I have appointed a Grand Lodge Committee on Grand Lodge Library and Museum. “Source”: GLO Proceedings
    2. Annual Rotation of Exhibits 2022 *
      1. The Beginning
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  3. GLO Education Fund
    • MASONIC HALL, Oregon City, June 14, A. D). 1852. I earnestly recommend the subject of education to your especial attention, and hope that some means in your wisdom may be devised to promote so desirable an object and one which at present is exciting so much attention among the fraternity wherever dispersed. M. W. BERRYMAN JENNINGS, Grand Master.
  4. Standardized Ritual
    • The year 1951 completes the first century in the life or the Oregon Grand Lodge, and during the past hundred years it has accomplished significant progress in every phase of Masonic work. When it was organized in 1851, it had to tart work on every part or the functions of a Grand Lodge, such as Constitution, Penal Code, Forms and Ceremonies, and last, but not least, the development of a uniform work, both secret and written. Today !be Lodges in Oregon work from a pattern, with every major undertaking provided for , with references available for every problem confronting them, and standards of procedure outlined for their use . This state of relative perfection has been achieved through slow, painstaking effort over the years by many members of the Craft, and the story of their struggle, in the particular phases involved, should prove interesting to the Fraternity in these days, because we are enjoying the fruits of their labor.
      • Source: John C. Wilkinson Past Grand Historian GLO Topical History of the Grand Lodge of Oregon (c)1951
  5. Masonic and Eastern Star Home MESH IN WORK
  6. Location of offices of the Grand Lodge of Oregon: Location of GLO through out history. IN WORK
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