Edmonds Family History Trips

When I began my family history research I began with my surname of Edwards because I didn’t know where else to start.

Along the way with the help of my Grandmother Mary Edmonds notes and letters to and from cousins I began my early journey on my Edmonds Ancestors.

During the 1990’s I was very lucky to be in contact with Edmonds Cousins who had put much work and money in researching our Edmonds Ancestors. One of which was Maxine Irene Edmonds Jewett. She was the daughter of Lee Oren Edmonds, son of Oliver Perry Edmonds. Maxine was a detail orientated family historian and I have many of her letters that were mailed to my Grandma Mary and myself that detail our Edmonds Ancestors and their travels to Henderson County Illinois and then onto Cheyenne County Kansas.

These letters started my early research into our Edmonds Ancestors who lived in Henderson County Illinois and Cheyenne County Kansas.

The first two family history trips I went on was to Cheyenne Co. Ks and then lastly to Henderson Co. Ill.

The trips were wonderful and I hold them very special to my heart.

  1. Edmonds Family History Trips
    1. Cheyenne County Kansas 2003
      1. Pictures
        1. Benkelman Cemetery
        2. Benkelman Court House
        3. Cousin M Visit
        4. Self Guided Tour – My tour (DUSTY DRIVE)
          1. Arikaree Breaks. Outskirts of original Edmonds Homestead.
        5. St. Francis Kansas Court House
        6. Cousin ( ) Owner of Original Edmonds Homestead
        7. NOTE: This trip was done from the hip. I didn’t plan on going on any trips at this time in my life. Once I learned that an Edmonds Cousin still lived on the original homesteaded land the trip was a go. For privacy reasons I will not share the cousins name or the location of the land. The trip was fascinating and once again my heart was touched from what I learned about my Edmonds Ancestors.
    1. Henderson County Illinois 2011
      1. Biggsville Illinois / South Henderson Church
      2. NOTE: Biggsville Illinois is where according to early records that Oliver Perry Edmonds was born. The South Henderson Church is where our Oren and Nancy McGregor Edmonds were members. The pews in these pictures are the same pews that were in the church when our Edmonds Ancestors sat in them. Before I left the church I went to each pew and sat. I wanted to be able to say that I literally sat on the spot of my Edmonds Ancestors.
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