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  • Thought

    My personal favorite Masonic Blog, Emeth has posted a topic concerning Thought. Specifically ‘Thought as a Force’. I believe that this must be read far and wide by all Freemasons. There is a deep philosophical problem within current Freemasonry. Possibly the original path designed by our Ancients has been lost. The Power of Thought by… Continue reading Thought

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  • When we are born and go through our early path no child considers their first 18 years of their life historically significant. Until that 18 year old wakes up one day and they are a senior citizen. Their lives are significantly a major part of history. Families and organizations treat their history as “its not… Continue reading Today Is Not History, but tomorrow Is..

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  • The newest edition of the Sharing the Light Newsletter Jan-Spring 2023 is now available. Sharing the Light Newsletter Jan-Spring 2023 Past Issues of S.T.L.

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  • E.S.G. – 1st Meeting

    The first meeting of the District No. 2 Esoteric Study Group was a success with 5 esoteric minded Brothers in attendance. Topics of the night went from good and bad meetings And why they occur and why Lodges allow them to occur. Symbolic this and that of the lodge room proper. A fascinating discussion of… Continue reading E.S.G. – 1st Meeting

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  • While doing my daily indexing of the Digital Archvies of my Grand Jurisdiction I came across many letters from ca. 1919 concerning Masonic Funerals. These letters caused me to think about how rare it is to see a Masonic Funeral in today’s Masonic World. Of course I can only speak for Oregon which is where… Continue reading Masonic Funerals – Tradition is fading

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  • E.S.G. First Meeting

    Brothers the first meeting of the Esoteric Study Group E.S.G. will be on Saturday at 600pm. Location: Union No. 3 Masonic Lodge in McMinnville Oregon. 235 Northeast 3rd Street, McMinnville, Oregon 97128 The elevator can be accessed by parking on 4th street behind the lodge building. If for some reason the elevator is not working… Continue reading E.S.G. First Meeting

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  • Golden Ratio

    Has the Golden Ratio surfaced within a Portland Masonic Cemetery? Scan of Plat Map

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  • Retired Grand Lodge Curator, Brother Robert LD Cooper wrote this last January 2022 and I want to share this with everyone. Today we commemorate the world’s oldest masonic lodge meeting.The image below is of the surviving minute book from Lodge Aitchison’s Haven, dated January 9th, 1598. Source 1:, Source 2 Youtube. This is the earliest… Continue reading Worlds Oldest Lodge Meeting

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  • Masonic Meditations

    The below share is from a Brother named, Justin Grass. He is posting in the local Masonic Facebook Page Northwest Masonic snippets from a book named, “365 Level Steps: Masonic Meditations for Every Day of the Year” These daily postings from Brother Grass are very powerful if you allow them to be so in your… Continue reading Masonic Meditations

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  • Mason’s Marks

    Most Speculative Mason’s have probably heard of Mason Marks. These Marks were placed on stone work by stone masons so they would be paid for their work by the overseer of the project. With Blue Lodge Freemason’s not being taught anything concerning Mason Marks within the lessons provided doesn’t mean that it isn’t an important… Continue reading Mason’s Marks

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