Ancient Craft of Freemasonry


There is so much information on the internet for free.

Each Jurisdiction is unique in their own way.

Esoteric collections that can only be found within their Four Walls of Freemasonry.

Recognized Main Stream Grand Lodges and the vast Recognized Grand Jurisdictions through out the world have so much they could share if there was an outlet.

The passion for Seeking Masonic light has been lost in so many ways in todays world of technology and apathy.

There are many individuals who have their own websites and write articles for magazines and share their papers and manuscripts of Masonic knowledge without profit in mind.

There is one problem with all of this, it’s everywhere and can be hard to find.

The average Brother has no idea where to look for this quality information. Internet search engines can only do so much to help find knowledge about the Ancient Craft. There is so much Masonic Light out in the world and not one specific location to find it.

3 . 5 . 7 is here to change this.

One location for the best information on the Ancient Craft of Freemasonry that can be found for free on the Internet.

3 . 5 . 7 when added together is not a number.


It is Masonic Light.

3 . 5 . 7

Grand Lodge of Oregon A. F. and A. M.

  1. Formation of the Grand Lodge of Oregon A. F. and A. M.
  2. GLO – Digital Archive Index.
    • The GLO – Digital Archive Index is designed as an alphabetical encyclopedia of the history of the Grand Lodge of Oregon A. F. & A. M. The concept began with the goal of sharing the always growing digital archives of the MWB R.M.R. Memorial Library and Museum. In 2022 I decided to expand this initial plan and use the GLO – Digital Archive Index to document everything that would be possible that is historical that surfaces as the years go by. Events that go on today will be historical 50 years from now.
  3. GLO – Digital Surname Index. ((IN WORK))
  4. GLO – Digital Digests
    • These Digital Digest work with the GLO – Digital Archives Topical and Surname Indexes
  5. GLO – Archives Accession Control Numbers
  6. GLO – Archives Photograph Collection
  7. GLO Lodges with websites

Freemasonry from the Beginning

  1. Mackey’s Cyclopedia of the Origin of Ancient Freemasonry – Mackey’s Cyclopedia is in no way a final location for history of our Ancient Craft. 3.5.7. has chose the topic of “Origin of the Ancient Craft” as a focus. The Cyclopedia will grow as accredited history surfaces. These new entries will be shared in the 3. 5. 7. Blog. Brother Albert Mackey went to great lengths to provide a starting point for future researchers like ‘us’.

Freemasonry Resources for Research

  1. Early Masonic Books / Exposes 17th Century – 18th Century NEW ADDITION 11-2022
  2. Ancient Manuscripts Ms. NEW ADDITION 11-2022
    • This list was compiled from a book called, “A TENTATIVE LIST OF ENGLISH ON FREEMASONRY , PUBLISHED BEFORE 1751”
    • If follows early entries within early 1500’s – 1750’s papers, magazines etc.
    • These entries follow the early growth of the Craft when Freemasonry was in its infancy and had recently became a speculative Craft.
  4. Anti Masonry
  5. Masonic Books 3.5.7 Recommends
  6. Masonic Websites – Websites that 3.5.7 has decided that ‘make the list’ of quality
  7. Online Masonic Magazines
  8. Masonic Newsletters
  9. Online Books
  10. Online Masonic Literature and Papers
  11. Masonic Research Societies NEW ADDITION 11-2022
  12. Masonic Libraries and Museums
  13. Masonic Symbolism
  14. Grand Lodge Jurisdictions
  15. Grand Lodge Jurisdictions with online resources
  16. Yearly Symposiums North America NEW ADDITION 11-2022
  17. The Very Cool Masonic Things on the Internet
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