Edwards Reunion 2023 Update 8-26-22


We are up to (( 18 )) Edwards Cousins who have shown interest in attending the Abel and Polly Potts Edwards 2023 Reunion!

I picked Bluff City Tennessee as the first place for a reunion for our branch of the Edwards Tree because this is where it all started for all of us.

Once Abel and Polly decided to pack up everything and move west into the frontier of North Carolina they had no idea if they would survive. They made this move like all others who have decided to move west in early American History. To seek a better life for themselves and their children.

I can only speak for myself and my children but I know in my heart we are better off because of the risks that Abel and Polly took back in the 1780’s.

It was 1827 when our Abel and Polly both passed away less than one month apart. It was soon after the children of Abel and Polly started to fragment and move to different parts of the country.

Only two children stayed in Tennessee until their death. They were Thomas Edwards b.1774 Died in Washington County Tennessee and my 4th Great Grandfather Joshua Edwards b.1781 who died outside of Bluff City Tennessee and is buried in the Weaver Cemetery.

More updates to come….

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