Museum Exhibits Update

  1. GLO Museum
    1. In the 1935 GLO Proceedings there is a mention of the need for a Museum to hold the historical items of the Grand Lodge of Oregon.-In 1968 a report was given concerning the historical items in the Archives of the Grand Lodge and the need for a Museum. “I have for a number of years, been concerned with the real and present need for more adequate library and museum facilities. Our museum consists of a small glass case which has on display a pitifully small collection of historical items of Masonic Interest. The large collection of items that should be displayed for the pleasure and education of the Craft is stored in the basement of the Grand Lodge office gathering an ever increasing coating of dust. I have appointed a Grand Lodge Committee on Grand Lodge Library and Museum. “Source”: GLO Proceedings
    2. Annual Rotation of Exhibits 2022 *
      1. The Beginning
        1. Handout
          1. Note: In the handout the documentary is the only qr code that will work past 2022. It is on . The other qr codes will only be good for 2022.
        2. Flyer
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